How to Set up a Surveillance Camera

There are different types of threats that faces our homes every day in our lives. Thus, security is always a matter of concern. Setting up a surveillance camera at your home is a good option in maintaining security from any type of threat that may come around.

How Should You Set Up a Surveillance Camera?

Surveillance cameras should be fitted in open areas with a clear view of the area that requires to be monitored. You may need to install several cameras at your home in order to enhance complete monitoring.

Determine the Location to Set Up the Camera

The location where you should install a surveillance camera should be open to a clear monitoring view of the compound. Ensure that it is not easy for burglars, thieves, or other trespassers to escape the view of the camera.

Set Up the Camera

After preparing the location well, you may now set up your camera. Normally, the camera has a stand which can easily be fit on the wall or other surfaces. Where the camera needs protection from weather damage, you may add an extra shade. Ensure that the shade does not block the open view of the area.

Check the Computer and MPX Analog Camera System

This system comprises of parts which work together to ensure data collection, recording, and storage. The system has several components such as computer, DVR, hard disk or memory storage, security cameras, cables, connectors, and power supply. Make sure that all these parts are available and functioning well.

Check the Hub System

The hub system works under the control of software. The system collects data from the BVR and other parts of the system connecting the collection center with the cameras. The BVR and the cables carrying data from the camera to the computer should be properly connected.

Test the Functionality of the Camera

After setting up the camera and all the other parts required for surveillance, you should test whether the camera is working as required. This implies that the camera should be able to send the view of the whole compound to the hub system and to the computer monitor. Be sure to ascertain that you can view the whole compound of your home.


Current surveillance cameras are internet and motion enhanced. This increases their effectiveness to record all the details while monitoring and eventually notify the home owner any time. Thus, this gives a total guarantee of security at home .